Passion. Persistence. Prowess.

Unlike most other real estates, Shantikrupa is not in the business of creating living spaces, but gifting veritable playgrounds to people where life can always take a playful shape.

Shantikrupa Estates Pvt. Ltd. (SEPL) was born out of the bright vision of Mr. Vasant S. Adani, a self-made entrepreneur. With over three decades of rich experience, Shantikrupa has seen a tremendous growth as a strong infrastructure development company. A dedicated team of 130 professionals fuelled by a vision to deliver nothing less than extra-ordinary. The team works efficiently and selflessly towards a singular goal – to bring the Group’s vision to life through consistent efforts.

Chairman’s Address

The real estate sector’s performance has many strong multiplier effects on the economy.

The road ahead is promising as more real estate and construction companies are being consummately professional and steadfastly focused. And with the proliferation of easily available loans and widened exposure, even consumers have become more knowledgeable and demanding.

To keep pace with the changing times, therefore, Shantikrupa Estates has proactively thought and acted upon ideas which are unique, and build value for its consumers in the long run. Unlike other real estate and construction companies, Shantikrupa not only creates living spaces, but brings to life veritable playgrounds where life can peacefully unravel as it should. All this, because of our efforts to reduce the monotony of life – by inspiring moments of optimism and happiness – in spaces which are not just thoroughly functional, but induce light and uplifting moments. Turning the time spent within it into a series of delightful memories.

-Vasant Adani


To enrich lives of people living in urban India by providing them with affordable creative spaces which are comfortable as well as contemporary.


To become one of the most respected real estate companies in the country on the basis of uniquely creative designs, work ethics, transparency in dealings and customer satisfaction.


Our work culture is based on being pro-active instead of being reactive. It promotes professional as well as human values, and prompts to produce leaders, not followers by going beyond your call of duty.